Consulting Services

I have served as a Principal Investigator in clinical trials and clinical research for 10 years.  My extensive research experience covers a wide range of therapeutic areas including asthma, allergy, immunology, pediatrics, cardiology, endocrinology, opthalmology, analgesia/pain, women’s health, psychology, vaccine studies, and healthy volunteers.  I strive to bridge pharmaceutical research with compassionate and practical global applications.

My comprehensive understanding public health  and population studies, as well as my experience with a wide range of clinical trials, allows me to be instrumental in several aspects of clinical trial success from population analysis to clinical trial implementation.  I am well versed in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and FDA regulations.

I can provide consulting services to both clinical research sites and Sponsor organizations on:

  • Protocol development and design
  • Clinical trial implementation
  • Investigator training
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development
  • Audit preparation
  • Process development and improvement
  • Medical monitoring

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