Vitamin C may help prevent exercise induced asthma

Recently read an interesting article about vitamin C  and asthma.  We already know vitamin C is great for boosting the immune system  when you have the common cold and is a natural antihistamine for allergies.  New research from Finland also shows that taking vitamin C may help prevent exercise-induced asthma symptoms.  Exercise-induced asthma (or exercise-induced bronchoconstriction, EIB) is a condition

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Does your child have exercise-induced asthma?

Does you child wheeze, cough, or seem very out of breath after exercise?  He or she may have exercise-induced asthma (or exercise induced bronchoconstriction).  This is relatively common condition, and one that if addressed correctly should allow your child to tolerate exercise and continue to play sports. First step is to see your physician and make the diagnosis. Albuterol (ProAir,

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