Kids born in the US have more asthma and allergies

Just read an interesting article that again points to our urban lifestyle as a contributing to the increase of asthma and allergies in kids.   A new study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, shows that kids born outside the US are significantly less likely to have asthma and allergies. This survey-based study of over 90,000 children in the US showed that 34% of children born in the US had allergic disease, versus 20% of children born outside the US.  The difference in terms of asthma was even greater, with children born outside the US 47% less likely to develop asthma. Furthermore, the more time children spend in the US, the more likely they were to develop asthma and allergies.  This study is yet more evidence that something about urbanization – diet, environment, lifestyle – is conducive to children developing allergies and asthma.


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