Summer fun with food allergies

Summer is a time of picnics, barbecues and trips to the beach – outdoor fun and outdoor eating!  Here are some tips to help make your summer meals more enjoyable for your guests with food allergies.

1) If you are hosting the event, ask guests about food allergies before planning the meal.

1) If you make the food – write down what’s in each dish.  If you buy foods – save the labels.

2) Use individual-sized condiments instead of using large bottles of ketchup, mustard, etc.  – this helps prevent cross-contamination from different foods that happens when these are shared.

3)  If making a salad, consider keeping the dressing separate.

4)  Provide a separate serving utensil for each food item to prevent cross-contamination of foods.

5)  Have guests who have food allergies serve themselves first, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

6) If having a barbecue, grill foods for those with food allergies first to prevent cross-contamination.

7) Bring wipes to clean off kids’ (and adults’) hands and faces after eating so that they don’t have potential allergens all over themselves when they’re done eating and ready to play.

IF your child has food allergies, make sure you let the host of the party know about the food allergies and also that your child knows what to avoid.  Make sure you have Benadryl (diphenhydramine) on hand for the event, and if your child has severe food allergies that you also have Epipen or Auvi-Q on hand.





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